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13th July - Summer Holidays


Seaside  Maths

Enjoy some summer-themed maths challenges using the resources below.


Puppet  Shows and Summer Crafts

  • Use the  Punch and Judy stick puppets to tell the story on the Punch and Judy powerpoint. You may need to stick them onto card with a lolly stick or something similar for a handle.
  • KS1 - Get crafty! You could have a go at making a sunshine, an ice cream or even a little bit of seaside   in a bottle. Just follow the instructions provided below.
  • KS2 - Enjoy any of the summer art ideas to keep you busy over the school holidays!
Design and Technology

All About Ice Cream

  • Have a look at the fact sheet about ice cream. Could you make your own fact file about ice cream? Perhaps find out about its history. Does it really take 50 licks to finish off a single scoop? Why not test it!
  • KS1- Use the sheet below to design your own ice cream or ice lollies.
  • Have a go at making ice cream without a freezer! Follow the instructions for ice cream in a bag but make sure you are careful to keep your hands covered - it gets very cold!

Postcards and  Vacation Views

  • KS1 only - you're off on your  travels! Use the 'Pack a Suitcase' resource to think about what you might need to take with you.
  • Imagine you have been on holiday to your favourite place. Use the holiday postcard template to write a message to a friend describing some of  the lovely things you have seen and done.
  • Read through 'Message in a Bottle'. Can you help Sophie write back to Tom? What would your message in a bottle say?
  • Use the summer sunglasses template to draw a scene of something you have done this summer. Alternatively draw    images  of    your dream holiday.
  • Enjoy a spot of mindfulness with the summer themed colouring sheets.


Seasides Then and Now

  • What was it like at the seaside 100 years ago?  Watch the  ppt  presentations and 'Victorians on Holiday' video    to find out.

  • Compare seasides then and now using the interactive .

  • Play  the Seasides   1900s 1950s or Now? Lotto Game.

  • Be a time-traveller!  Write a postcard from your seaside holiday in Victorian times.

  • Design a Victorian bathing suit or bathing hut.

  • KS2 -  Look at the posters used in the Victorian era to persuade people to take the train to the seaside.  Design your own Victorian style poster for a seaside town of your choice.  How will you tempt people to  spend their money  on a train ticket to the seaside?