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15th June



Learn to count in tens  up to 100

  • Follow the slides  on the powerpoint  then try  making calculations using the cards.


How do Sikhs name their children?

  • Read the slides to find out about how Sikhs choose names for their children and learn about the  Sikh 'Naam Karan' naming ceremony.
  • Complete  activity sheet 2A, 2B or 2C (you choose!)  about the Naam Karan ceremony.
  • Look at the list of Sikh names  - which ones do you like?
  • Open a book at a random page.  What is the first letter of the first sentence?  Choose a name starting with   that letter.    Write your chosen name on  the Name Plate (lion or princess) and decorate.


Who was Marie Curie?

  • Find out about  Marie Curie and X-Rays using the Marie Curie lesson presentation.
  • Use the  Marie Curie Fact Sheet to find out more about her life and career.  Use the information to complete the  Marie Curie Flipbook  .
  • Use the  X-Ray identification sheet to  identify the bones shown in X-Ray images.
  • Create a 'True or False' quiz about Marie Curie.    Write five statements about Marie Curie - some of them true, some false.    Challenge someone to identify the true statements to see how much they know about this pioneering woman.

Rivers of the World

Part 1:    Have a look at the rivers of the world map in the resources below, or use the internet to find the names of the major rivers of each continent. Choose a river to research (or more!) using the sheets provided.   You can use the alternative example of   how to create a river fact file or do your own  - how you would like to research is your choice!


Part 2:    Play great rivers bingo. One person to be the caller.  Each person playing to have a continents board and a reference map.  Shuffle the blue cards, turn over one  and call the river name.  A player wins the card if they have the matching  continent. Use the card won to cover half the rectangle of that continent.   If they are wrong, the caller asks the next player. Collect 8 cards to win. Play an alternative version  where the caller says the continent and the players must guess the river!

Design and Technology

Seasonal British Fruits

  • Read through the slides to find out which fruits are grown commercially in Britain and how the ripening process can be controlled
  • Have a look at the food calendars to learn about when other foods are available in Britain
  • If you wish,  have a go a making jam tarts (with permission of course!)
  • Research images of  fruit    orchards during different seasons and have a go at drawing/painting examples