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22nd June


Counting to 100

  • Use the  powerpoint presentation  to learn and practise counting from 0 to 100 in French.
  • Choose an activity sheet to  practise ordering and saying numbers 0 to 100.


Find out about the Sikh  baptism ceremony of Amrit

  • Use the slides to find out about  the history of the ceremony and what happens during  Amrit Sanskar  and who undergoes the ceremony.
  • Choose an activity sheet to show what you have learned.


How did George Washington Carver   help farmers  grow crops?

  • Watch the powerpoint   to learn about Carver 's life and his peanut-based inventions.
  • Find out about cotton farming and   how Carver's ideas about crop rotation  changed farming all over the world.
  • Use what you have learned to answer the questions on the activity sheet.
Geography/ Art

Well Dressings

  • Watch the YouTube video to learn about the ancient art of  well dressings  in Derbyshire and how they are made.
  • Have a look through the article by Heather Cole for more information about well dressings.
  • Then have a go at one or more    of the following options for a task:


Option 1:    If you were going to make your own well dressing, what images would you include? Have a go at  drawing a design on paper.

Option 2:   Create an information leaflet or presentation all about the tradition of well dressings.

Option 3:   If you're feeling crafty, follow the final link to find instructions on how to make your own mini well dressing!

A story of a Peak District well dressing