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29th June - New topic of 'Summer'


Leaf Identification

  • Become an expert in identifying trees by their leaves! Take the leaf idial sheet for a walk to hunt for trees. Look carefully at the shape of the leaves on the trees. Have a go at matching the shape of the leaves to your idial to name the trees that you find.
  • Collect some examples of leaves to do some leaf rubbings. You will need a plain sheet of paper and crayons. Lay a leaf under the paper and rub a crayon gently on the top until the pattern of the leaf begins to appear on the paper.  Can you name the trees from the leaves using your idial?
  • Use the Super Spotter sheet alongside your idial to see how many trees you can find on your walk!

Colours of Nature Scavanger Hunt

  • Use the Colour Hunt Viewing Window to spot and collect colours of nature. Hold it up to spot similar colours. When you find something that matches one of the colours, stick a small example    such as a leaf or flower onto the block of colour.

Butterfly Count

  • With the Butterfly Count identification sheet in front of you, sit in a sunny spot for 15 minutes and watch for butterflies. How many can you spot?
  • Have a look through the butterflies and caterpillars photo pack. Look closely at the colours and patterns. Do you recognise any of the butterflies?
  • Try the Balancing Butterfly experiment.

Butterfly Drawing

Choose one  (or more!) of the following tasks:

  • Follow the step by step images for How to Draw a Butterfly
  • Using the butterfly outline, place spots of paint on one side of the butterfly. Fold it down the middle to print the paint onto the other side of the butterfly for a beautiful effect!
  • KS2  extra - watch the YouTube video for how to draw a monarch butterfly
  • KS2 extra - Have a go at some butterfly origami

How To Draw A Monarch Butterfly

Follow along with us and learn how to draw a Monarch butterfly!


Mystical Music of Summer


  • Go outside and listen to the sound of the wind rustling in the trees. Use the support sheet for ideas of things to use to make your own musical instrument. Think about how it could make a similar sound to the sounds you hear outside.



  • Read the story of Green Willow. Does Tomatada really hear    someone whisper 'Green Willow' or is there another explanation?  Go outside and listen carefully to the sound of the wind rustle the leaves of a tree. 
  • Use the  Mystical Music instruction sheet to create your own mystical wind chime using natural resources.