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8th June


Part 1: Watch the YouTube video below to follow Dean Read as he walks 55 miles along the Derwent Valley Heritage Way,  starting at Derby and travelling north. Try plotting all the places he stops at on a road map or list them down.


Part    2:     At 32mins  on the video, Dean shows you a simplified map showing the Derwent  Valley Heritage Way. Have a go at drawing your own map of the route.  Draw the  River Derwent first, then plot on the route and label as many places as you can.   You may need to make your map fairly large!

Peak District - The Derwent Valley Heritage Way

In this video I follow the River Derwent along the 55 mile Derwent Valley Heritage Way from Derwent Mouth near Shardlow to Heatherdene on the banks of the Ladybower Reservoir.

Design and Technology

Seasonal Food

  • Read through the  slides to learn about   some of the foods available in Britain at different times. 
  • Think about the benefits and problems of food being available all year round in supermarkets.
  • Have a look at the worksheets to learn about food hygiene and  how to make fairy cakes.
  • Read  the information sheet about growing wheat and complete the flow diagram.

 Plant Hunters 

L.O: To find out how new plants arrived in this country


  • Go on a plant hunt. Complete the Plant Hunt Activit y Sheet to record which plants you find.
  • Watch the  Plant Hunters powerpoint parts 1 -3  to learn the difference between 'native' and  'non-native' plants and  find out about the Plant Hunters  who  collected plants from other parts of the world and brought them to the UK.
  • Carry out the Plant Hunters Activity Sheet   to show    facts about each famous explorer.
  • Watch the Plant Hunters powerpoint part 4   to find out how the explorers looked after the seeds they collected and learn about the explorer, Joseph Banks.
  • Imagine you are a Plant Hunter and you have discovered a new plant.  Use the New Discovery Activity sheet  to draw your plant and explain its requirements to grow healthily.  

L.O: To find out who Sikhs are and what they believe.

What do you know about Sikhism? 

  • Read through the facts about Sikhs on the slides about Guru Nanak and how Sikhism began.
  • Complete  the 'Sikhism Factfile'  (Choose 1A, 1B or 1C)   using the  Information sheet to help you.
  • Play Sikhism Fact dominoes - can you match the questions with correct answers?