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Topic Ideas

Writing ideas:

  • Write an information text on an instrument of your choice.
  • Write the diary/comic/story of a visit to a Viking feast using knowledge of Viking food.
  • Create a poster all about Viking mead halls (also known as an ale longhouse).
  • Write the story of a real Viking visiting school – what sort of funny or interesting things might happen?
  • Use your artistic skills to illustrate any of your work.

Design and Technology ideas:

  • Make a model longship from a cereal box – instructions provided but can also be found on:

  • Choose a different Viking project from this website:

Music ideas:

  • Practise your ukulele!
  • Try writing a song using the chords you have learnt.

Geography ideas:

  • Research rivers, looking at the River Derwent in particular.
  • How are rivers formed? Create a poster.
  • Find out about the longest and most famous rivers in the world.
  • Where are they?
  • How long are they?
  • Who lives by them?

Art ideas:

  • Experiment with shades of crayon/paint to create watery effects
  • Recreate one of Monet’s river paintings

Science ideas:

  • Sow some sunflower seeds.  Who can grow the tallest sunflower?  Measure the height of your sunflower each day and record your measurements in a table and create a graph to show its growth.
  • Research the life cycle of flowering plants and choose how to represent the four stages of: germination, growing and flowering, pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal.  You could:
    • Draw the different stages on a paper plate, adding arrows to show the order
    • Make a poster to show the stages
    • Create a small book with one stage on each page
    • Make a powerpoint of each stage

French ideas:

  • Play the ‘Quel ages as-tu?’ board game
  • Play ‘Jacques a dit’