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Children will be developing their English skills through the use of books in familiar settings and on the theme of celebrations. We will work hard to improve the children’s letter formation and position of words, ensuring they are on the lines and are working towards developing a neat style of writing. They will explore a wide range of texts such as stories with repeating patterns, poetry and information texts. The children will also learn more about grammar and have weekly spelling tests. Please help your child learn their spellings.

We turned our classroom into a newspaper office to write reports on the Great Fire of London.

Using the story 'Farmer Duck' to help us, we wrote sentences that used time openers at the beginning.

24/09/18 This week we are using the Oliver Jeffer's book 'Stuck' to help us with our English work. Today we were learning more about nouns and adjectives.

01/10/18 This week we are using poetry based on our senses to learn about rhyming words and poem structure.