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The children will begin by studying stories in familiar settings and we will use these to help us write in sentences with adjectives and nouns, as well as capital letters and full stops. We will also study stories with repeating patterns and write labels, lists and signs. Other writing skills that we will develop will be using connectives, contractions and other types of punctuation. Non-fiction for this term will include information texts. We will also examine songs and repetitive poems as well as poems with pattern and rhyme. The children will have weekly handwriting practice to help them develop their letter formation, joined handwriting and sizing. Every week the children will participate in guided reading sessions to help them improve their comprehension skills as well as their word recognition and fluency.

The disgusting sandwich. After reading the story, we made our own disgusting sandwiches. Then we explained to our groups what we'd made them from, using adjectives to describe them. We also wrote a recipe in a Big Writing session.