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EYFS apps suggestions

Suggested apps ( BEWARE - these apps may be PAID with further in app purchases) Please do not worry if you  do not have access to these apps, they are only  optional extras and are not designed to replace 'hands on learning' such as gardening and helping around the home. 


Further ideas for maths and literacy apps can be found in the  'Maths and Reading ' Tab.


-Kids Academy Talented & Gifted by Kids Academy Company -It seems like this app simply has it all. Explore over five thousands games, videos, worksheets and even a personalised learning plan, suitable for little ones across almost all age groups


LumiKids Park by Lumosity -This delightfully illustrated app lets kids develop their cognitive skills independently. They are let loose on a digital playground with numerous interactive features and mini-games each focused on things like attention and memory, sorting or visual-motor coordination


Color Band by LND Games -  Color Band is a motion-controlled game where kids create artwork that comes to life as music plays when the little conductors wave their hands in front of the screen