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Please find a list of FAQs below.

If you can't find what you are looking for then please email and we will be happy to help.


Where and when should I drop my child off?

Our first day of school will be on  Monday 6th September. Please arrive at school ( Reception door is on the far right of the main building)   around 8.50am where you will find the outside and inside classroom have been set up to welcome your children. Parents are welcome to stay until 9am at which point we will gather the children inside to take the register. Please note that  at present, due to COVID restrictions parents must make an effort to social distance on the playground and  are not allowed inside the classroom. 


What happens if my child is    anxious about leaving me?

If your child is anxious about leaving, do not worry, staff will be on hand. Whilst some children are happy to wonder off and explore, others might need a bit of extra support. Staff will engage with your child and help them to play a game . Whilst it can be difficult for parents it is best to remain firm and consistent. Give a positive comment eg I'll be thinking of the wonderful time you are having at school and say goodbye. Children often settle quickly. You are welcome to ring the school office later in the day to check that they have settled ok.  Some parents have found it helpful to sew 'kisses' on the inside of jumpers so that the children have something to look at during the day. 


How many people should come with me to drop my child off?

Due to current COVID 19 restrictions we ask that one parent drops off the child from each family. However, this is likely to change over the summer holidays and we will update this page in light of that. 


What are the rules around COVID 19 in school?

Children will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly and use hand gel throughout the day. We do not expect children to socially distance, however, they do need to be confident when washing their hands. At present we are unable to allow parents into the classroom and any parents on the playground must wear a face covering and socially distance as much as possible. As soon as the guidance updates surrounding this issue this page will be updated.


Will my child need a snack?

Please do not provide snacks for children. School provides children with a piece of fruit during morning break. Children who are under 5 will also have access to milk, which is free. Once children turn 5 milk must be paid for. More information can be found in the paper information pack that will be sent out during the summer term.  Children will need a water bottle. Please ensure they are named.


What will their school day be like?

Our School Day | Breadsall CofE VC Primary School (


What will they be learning?

Our Curriculum | Breadsall CofE VC Primary School (


Will I get updates about how they are getting on in school?

Each week a 'snapshot' of the learning is created in a 'floor book'. This means children can look through the  book and talk about all of their prior learning. A photograph of this book is sent to parents weekly as well as a selection of photographs. This is done via our online platform Tapestry. A sign up sheet for Tapestry will be sent in the paper pack in the summer term. 


What can I do to help my child prepare for school?

Derbyshire's Readiness for School | Breadsall CofE VC Primary School (



Who will be my child's key person?

Mrs Bould is the key person for all the children in the class. 


Who are the staff in the class?

Mrs Bould - EYFS Teacher

Mrs Coe - HLTA

Miss Mosley ( apprentice TA)  and Mrs Robinson (TA) often help out in our class too!


What does my child need to bring with them?

What does my child need on their first day? | Breadsall CofE VC Primary School (


My child needs regular medication, what do I do?

Please ensure you have filled out the  medical information sheet in the paper pack that will be sent out in the summer term .  This gives further details on medicines in school.


What time should I pick my child up?

Our school day finishes at 3.15pm. Children should be picked up outside the Reception door.  ( On the far right of the building)



What will my child have for dinner?

Please click on the links below to find out more about our delicious and well balanced dinners. These are cooked on site by  Lorna, our school cook.  If your child has dietary requirements please ensure you have filled in the relevant form in your paper pack.