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Summer Term  2 - In My Town


Summer Term 1  - At School

If you haven't done last term's French lessons - it's not too late!

See the VRC for the videos to go with these lessons.

At School 

Lesson 4  - Quelle heure et-il? (What time is it?)

At School 

Lesson 3  - Quelle est ta matiere preferee? (What is your favourite subject?)

Lesson 2 - Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ta trousse? (What's in your pencil case?)

Lesson 1 - Comment vas-tu a l'ecole? (How do you get to school?)

Try this free app to learn new French:

Use the  powerpoint and activities below to  practise your French conversations.       Make  sock puppets and let them  get to know each other in French!