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Friday 12th February

New spellings to learn


Year 1

Year 1 - Related facts

Year 2

Year 2 - Odd and Even

Watch the video then complete the activities on the sheet. I've uploaded an extra sheet with a tens frame grid for question 2 and a 50 square for question 4. There is also a chart for question 7, and you will need dice for this question too.

Free choice afternoon!

As you have been working so hard at home this half term, I thought I'd give you (and your parents!) a free choice this afternoon. This means you can choose what you do. Here are some ideas:

   smiley Help your parents in the kitchen - maybe you help make this evening's tea or do some baking.

   smiley Get out your lego/construction kits and make something.

   smiley If it's a nice day (or put on a coat and your wellies if it's not!), go for a walk for your daily exercise and see if you can spot any signs of Spring for next half term's science lessons. I've already seen snowdrops and daffodils starting to push through.

   smiley Finish off any tasks from earlier in the week that you didn't get time to do.

   smiley Tidy your room and earn some Brownie points!

   smiley Read a book then do a book review to tell someone else a bit about it - a brief outline of the story, what you liked or disliked about it, who your favourite character was, etc.

   smiley Play a board game with your family - maybe you had one for Christmas that you've not had a chance to play yet.


Have fun and have a super half term. I hope that you will all be back at school soon.

Mr Devenport