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This week we are looking at the story of 'Q Pootle 5' by Nick Butterworth. 


Q Pootle 5 - YouTube


This week we would have been introducing our topic of 'Space'.  Have a look at the story above and try the 4 remaining challenges.


Monday - We thought  what a question was. A question has an answer and can start with a 'how' , 'why' or 'what'. We thought about  what questions we could ask to help us choose our own learning in our topic. Such questions involved 'how do astronauts go to the toilet?' and ' Is there a Mcdonalds in space?'


Tuesday - Can you  use the pictures of the aliens below  to help you describe an alien? Think about how they would look/what they might feel like.  Can you use some interesting words like slimy/spikey/gooey? You could verbally describe your alien or draw labels around the picture. 


Wednesday -  There is a  'start/middle/end' to the story. The start is he crashes, the middle is he fixes the ship and the end is that he flies away. Can you change part of the story and then retell it? You could draw a cartoon strip to match your new story.


Thursday -  Can you  make a playdough or  junk modelling etc alien? Keep this as we will need it for tomorrow!


Friday - Can you describe your alien? Write some words to describe it and then put them nearby. You could even make a den/spaceship for your alien. 



The Oak Academy lessons can be used if additional ideas are needed.