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This week in maths we would have been focusing on numbers within 5. This included familiarising children with 'part whole model'. ( See attached photos). The lessons below are encouraged to help children build upon their mathematical skills.

In addition to these you might want to try:


Tuesday - Can children  put five objects in the  'whole' and then move them into the two 'parts'. Do this physically with objects such as toy cars etc.


Wednesday - Can children orally count up to 20?


Wednesday Maths Task

Thursday - Do children know their number bonds to 5? 1+4 = 5/2+3 = 5/ 5+0 = 5 . The easiest way to learn these is using flashcards , as well as the part whole model. Provide 5 objects, ask children to put 3 in one part, how many will go in the other part to make 5?



Friday - Help children to practise writing numbers. This doesn't have to be with a pen and paper. You could use sand/glitter/paint or even shaving foam on bathroom tiles.