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Miss Payne's Challenges

Please  note that these challenges do not have to be done, it is something extra for you to do  at home if you would like.

Week 8 - 1/3/21


Wow the last week of challenges!   I  am going to be sad when they come to an end! smiley   


For this last challenge, I would like you to  choose what you are having for your evening meal  (tea/dinner) and with   help from an adult, make it for you family!    For example, you could make pasta, burgers, roast dinner, shepherd's pie...the list of possibilities goes on! 


You can all take part in this challenge; it is nice and easy and something you should be helping your family with anyway! wink

Week 7 - 22/2/21


For this week I would like you to get a pack of cards and   make a house of cards!  I'll pop a video on the class page explaining what I would like you to do! If you haven't got a pack of cards, you could find something else to use, for example, some biscuits!


Enjoy this task! Only 2 weeks of them left!

Build a House of Cards! 🃏 | Science Max

Pictures from Week 7

Week 6 - 15/2/21


This week I would like you to help your family   make pancakes!    I want to see pictures of the delicious pancakes you have made, what interesting toppings could you put on them? Maybe fruit, ice cream or marshmallows!


As an extra part to this challenge, I want to see   how many flips of a pancake you can do!   Please make sure you get an adult to help you when you are flipping the pancakes in the pan!

Demi's pancake flipping!

Still image for this video

Sidney's super skills!

Still image for this video

Super Robyn!

Still image for this video

Happy pancake day!

Still image for this video

Week 5 - 8/2/21


For this weeks challenge I would like you to   make shadow puppets!   Watch the videos below to see what I mean. These shadow puppets can be made from card and into a funny character or you can try and made some shadows with your hands, it is up to you! Have fun with it!


Send me pictures of the shadow puppets! You've got to remember to be in a dark room with a light shining against a wall! Top tip for you!

Robyn's stop motion shadow puppets!

Still image for this video

Esmee's shadow puppets!

Still image for this video

Pictures from Week 5

Week 4 - 1/2/21


This week I would like you to   build a den!   It can be outdoors (exciting) or inside your house! I would like it if you were to build your dens with your siblings, mums, dads, grandparents etc...whoever you are living with! Get them all involved!


Let's see if you can chill out in your den without it falling down, maybe watch a film, have some popcorn in your den! Can your pet fit in your den? Could you build the den for your pet?


Send me pictures of your fabulous dens! Extra points for the most people you can get in/under your den!


I can't wait to see them all! You have until  8/2/21 to complete this challenge!

Week 3 - 25/1/21

Still image for this video

This week the challenge is going to be an arty one! 


I would like you to   create a self-portrait of yourselves  BUT I want you to try and not use pencils, crayons or paints. See if there are any materials around your house you can use. Get creative! Use different materials! If you are struggling for ideas, you can have a google and you can always email me, and I'll give you a clue. (You can use  pencils, crayons or paints with something else and on their own as a last resort!)

Week 2 - 18/1/21


This week Miss Payne would like you to get out on a walk or in your garden and see if you can find   the biggest stick!   Take your dog for a walk! Or take you Mums/Dads or whoever you live with on a walk! You have till Monday 25th January, this time next week to complete (including the weekend!).


Take a picture of you with the stick, send it to the class email    and then we shall see who has found the biggest one! How exciting, a bit of a competition!


Oh and it doesn't count if it is still attached to a tree! 😂


Can't wait to see them all and to see who the winner will be.

Week 1  - 11/1/21


This week Miss Payne is challenging you to bake something!  It may be a cake, brownies, some scones, whatever  you decide!


Send a picture to the Class 3 email when you have finished and they will be put on this page for everyone to see!


You have till 18/1/21 to complete before the next challenge!