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Afternoon Activities

Our 'Afternoon Activities' involve 5 different activities which can be done in an afternoon. They cover a wide range of the curriculum including RE, PSED, PE, Understanding the world and Expressive Arts and Design. They will be based on our 'Space' topic as much as possible.


Tuesday - We were planning on looking at the moon and the earth. Perhaps you could use google earth to find your house/our school. You live on planet Earth. Where is the moon? What do you think is different about the moon/Earth .  The moon has no GRAVITY. Gravity is a FORCE which makes sure we don't float away! There are no trees/houses etc on the moon. Discuss some differences between moon and earth with children.  You could make moon and earth pictures!  Make an earth picture by putting blue and green paint on a paper plate, put clingfilm on top and smush it around! Make a moon picture by dropping coloured vinegar onto baking soda to make craters. 



Wednesday - PE

We  are looking at throwing and catching. Our first lesson works on rolling skills. Can you roll a ball to a partner? Make sure you aim carefully! If it is easy then take a couple of steps back and try a smaller ball! If you have a larger family can you pass a ball around a circle? You need to stop the ball before you pass it on again!

Thursday  - We were meant to be junk modelling aliens!


We were supposed to be making our junk modelling aliens. I am assuming many parents don't have  a lot of junk modelling items at home as we have so many at school! However, if your child would like to then please do  make an alien out of anything you can find. 


Alternatively, we have a reminder this week on the importance of keeping safe.  Our first lesson is on Stranger Danger.

Friday -  Picture News


We will continue to be looking at News stories around the world and asking some tricky questions. These sessions can result in lots of brilliant language being used. 


This week we are looking at pets! Have a look at some of the questions on the sheet below and see if you can discuss them with an adult.