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Our Curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


This is called Development Matters and it places emphasis on growing resilient learners who are prepared to challenge themselves, persevere when faced with difficulty and encourage their curiosity.


We follow Read Write Inc phonics scheme. Children will begin learning letter sounds from their first day in September. They quickly progress onto writing words and reading short stories. Phonics lessons happen every day.


We use the Power Maths scheme to encourage children to get a firm grasp of number, including the ability to subitise, count confidently, recognise written numerals and begin to understand number bonds. Children also experiment with shape, space and measure.


In addition to literacy and maths, we focus on the importance of communication and language, physical development and personal, emotional and social development. These are of great importance and are woven into our school day.


Through a variety of topics we also look at how to understand and explore the world around us and different ways to express ourselves using art and design.


Our curriculum is play-based. The majority of the learning is conducted through child led activities with adults supporting children in order to enhance their thinking.