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Rainforest Art

Lesson 1: How to draw and paint rainforest Leaves

How to create a rainforest leaf drawing - In this video, Mrs. B, an art teacher and artist, shows you step-by-step how to draw a monstera leaf, and use water...

Lesson 2: How to draw rainforest animals

Lesson 3: Henri Rousseau fact file - remember to also make sketches and note down your thoughts as you look through the Powerpoint!

Lesson 5: Practise drawing or painting some of the real rainforest leaves and flowers on slides 15-19 of the Henri Rousseau Powerpoint

Lesson 6: Create swatches of colour to match Rousseau's jungles

Finally, create your own Rousseau inspired rainforest masterpiece! Remember to paint the background first and add the finest details last.