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Spring Term 1 - 2021

To access this week's    lessons and resources for class 4.:

1) Download the  timetable for  the week. Click on the links for Maths and English lessons. Additional work  and  any other references to work sheets can be found in the  daily tab. 

2) All lesson links and  activity PDFs    can also be accessed in the daily tab. 

I have left  the links to the Oak Academy  lessons at the bottom of the class page in case you wish the view the whole series of lessons (might be useful if you   miss a lesson for any reason). 

3) The    2  final     sections  of the SECRETS OF THE SUN KING  ready to listen to - one on Monday and one on Tuesday.  They can be accessed from the  Breadsall HOME page    by clicking on  the CHILDREN   tab and then HOME LEARNING and VCR. The videos are on the  Class 4 section.  I hope you enjoy listening to these sections.