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Statistics Home Learning Activities

Activity 2

Time Graphs

Learn how to interpret time graphs and create your own time graph to show  the growth of your sunflower.    I created a   'Time Graphs' teaching video   but it won't load onto the VRC so   I have uploaded a Twinkl    powerpoint to help you instead. 


  • Watch the Twinkl powerpoint to learn the difference between discrete and continuous data and how to interpret  time graphs.
  • Try the Countryside Statistics activities.
  • Try the Sunflower Time Graph activities.
  • Have a go at creating a time graph to show    the height of your sunflower  over time.

Activity 1

Bar Charts and Pictograms

Collect your own data and present it in a pictogram and/or bar chart.    Check the VRC for my video about pictograms and bar charts before you begin.

Choose an idea  from below or think of your own!

  • carry out a survey with your friends and family of favourite food, sports, animals...
  • a shape survey - how many different 2d shapes can you find in your kitchen?
  • a flower survey  in your garden
  • a colour hunt in your garden or your house


Remember to think of at least three questions to go with your pictogram and bar chart and post everything on the class blog for everyone to enjoy!