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Please recap sounds and red words again. These must be done each day (  summary-of-sounds-taught-in-ks1-for-parents.pdf ( and the red words (red-words-to-learn-over-half-term.pdf (


Then try the  'oo real of fake words' phonics activity. 


In    literacy   we are continuing to look at the story  of the 'Teeny Weeny Tadpole'  . Listen to the story ( The Teeny Weeny Tadpole. Childrens Books Read Aloud. Scholastic. - YouTube) . Using your story board from yesterday  we are going to write our complete story about our tadpole .  Children are encouraged to make their sentences better by adding adjectives and interesting vocabulary. The story doesn't have to be long. The focus is  on building upon ideas and  ensuring neat handwriting, finger spaces and full stops. For example, 'One day there was a shy tadpole. He fell down a dark hole and was scared. Luckily he was rescued by a frog.'


In   maths we are looking at doubling and halving.   Use Oak Academy and look at Lesson 4

Unit - Oak National Academy (


Complete the 'doubles and half bee game' sheet below.


Topic/Afternoon work


Please use this time to make sure you  have been looking at books. Remember to read some books that you can read yourself as well as a selection of  books that an adult can read to you. 


Fine motor skills - Practise using scissors by cutting out the shapes in the worksheet below.  You do not need to complete all the sheets, just pick your favourite!