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Please recap sounds and red words again. These must be done each day (  summary-of-sounds-taught-in-ks1-for-parents.pdf ( and the red words (red-words-to-learn-over-half-term.pdf (


Then try the  'or real of fake words ' phonics activity. 


In    literacy we are continuing to look at the story  of the 'Teeny Weeny Tadpole'  . Listen to the story ( The Teeny Weeny Tadpole. Childrens Books Read Aloud. Scholastic. - YouTube) . Imagine you have come into class and there is a puddle of water in the middle of the floor. The tadpole was swimming in this water yesterday but now he has gone! Write 2 sentences  about what might have happened to the tadpole. 


In   maths we are looking at doubling and halving.   Use Oak Academy and look at Lesson 2

Unit - Oak National Academy (


Complete the 'drama with llama doubles' sheet below.


Topic/Afternoon work

RE - In RE we will be starting our new topic of ' What is special about our world?'


Introduce the ideas of the world using google maps and ask the children to think about the area in which they live. What is it like there? Do they know anywhere which is very hot? Or very cold? Can we find and visit these places using the computer? The world is special and it allows different animals to live in it. Look at different pictures of animals (link below)and discuss what our own favourite animal is. Discuss how Christians believe that God created all the creatures and look at the Christian creation story powerpoint ( below). 


Task: Draw a picture of your favourite animal and write one fact about it