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Tuesday 9th February

Internet safety morning


1. Miss  Payne will  read Goldilocks, A Hashtag Cautionary Tale to the class after the live reading lesson. We will discuss the story and how important it is to be safe online. 

2. Read through the scenario slides and make some notes  about what the person should do in that scenario. You can also discuss them with an adult who is at home with you. 

3. BBC LIVE LESSON 11am - follow the link below or on the timetable. There is an activity to do whilst you are watching the live lesson. 

4. Design a safer internet post using the template provided.  Include....what should we do and not do whilst online?

Science Lesson 5

We    can see your answers when you play the  quiz! So please make sure you answering    sensibly!  We    can also see who has completed the quiz!  :)