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Wb 13th July


We are looking at different types of animals that you might find at the beach! Can you sort them into different groups? This could be whether they live on land or in the sea/based on what they eat or even what type of animal they are. We are then going to make sun catchers out of tissue paper. Can you make your own sun catcher?



We are exploring shadows. Hopefully ( if it is sunny!) we will be drawing around the shadows of different toys throughout the day to see how they change. You could try this at home either on a piece of paper or with some chalk on a pavement. What do you notice happens to the shadows and why do you think this happens?



Can you make your own ice-cream without a freezer? Follow the instructions below to make your own tasty treat! Can you draw a picture/write instructions for someone else to follow? What would you change about your ice cream next time?



We are going to think about a message in a bottle. Have a look at the power point and see if you can write a message back! If you were on a desert island what type of thing might you write for someone to find? Can you create your own message and put it in a bottle? Maybe hide it around your house for someone to find!



Have a look at the ‘Punch and Judy’ power point. Can you use the stick puppets to create your own puppet show for the rest of your family?