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Wb 15th June


This week we are continuing our work on the human body. Last week we labelled all the parts of the human body and began thinking about what the heart, brains and lungs do. Today we are exploring our senses. Watch the power point and sort the pictures to match the senses.

You could also try going for a walk and using your senses to explore the world around you! What can you see/hear/smell/touch/taste on your walk?


On Tuesday we are continuing to think about Kenya. We have done lots of work on the type of animals that we might find in Kenya, so today we will be thinking about the landscape and the culture of Kenya. Watch the power point and the BBC learning clip ( can be found in the power point) to get some facts about Kenya. Follow the instructions to create a leaflet about Kenya, using pockets to ‘hide’ information. You can hide the premade cards or, if you would like a challenge, ask an adult to help you to use Google to find out some facts about Kenya.


We are continuing to think about money. We will be thinking about our wants and needs, including the difference between them. Watch the power point and think about which items you want vs which items you need. Then cut and stick the items into the correct boxes. Remember, whilst some answers are more clear cut than others this task is designed to promote discussion.



On Thursday we will be making Father’s Day cards and a small gift. Using either straws/chalk or pasta children will make a dinosaur skeleton card with the message ‘ have a ROARsome day’. Children will decorate and complete a net box and make fossils from clay as a small gift. You could use the saltdough recipe to make your own fossils too! Reception will be using these cards to help them to learn about the dinosaurs, including where they came from and how fossils are made!


We will be doing PE today in school. We will be working on our fitness and will complete exercises in order to get our heart rate up. You could try a Joe Wickes or our PE challenge card.

We are also looking at the components of a healthy lifestyle. Have a look through the power point then see if you can make your own healthy lunchbox/meal. You could use the sheet or even make your own real meal!