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Wb 22nd June

Monday – Life cycle of a butterfly


Today we are continuing our work on animals. We are thinking about the lifecycle of a butterfly. I know some of you have already been looking at butterflies at home, so hopefully this task will be an enjoyable one! Look at the ‘Cautious Caterpillar’ power point. Using the activity sheets can you order the pictures and write a label or a sentence about each stage? Try and use the words used in the power point, such as chrysalis.


You could also read ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and try retelling the story if you fancied a bit extra!


Tuesday – Safari Maps


On Tuesday we will be continuing our work on Kenya. We are looking at going on ‘safari’. Watch the power point about what it means to go on Safari and then have a go at making your own safari map. You can use the pictures to help, or you can draw your own. If you want a challenge, try adding in a key. Remember, a key tells us what the pictures on the map are!


Wednesday – Raksha Bandhan


In RE we are continuing our work on caring for others. We are going to be thinking about the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan. This is a festival which celebrates family, especially brothers and sisters. Watch the power point and the video ( link in the power point). Can you create a poster that shows some of the things that happen during Raksha Bandhan? You could draw pictures, and if you fancy a challenge, label them!


We are also going to be making our own Rakhi bracelets. Why not try and make one of your own?


Thursday – PSHE – Money Matters


This is our final lesson on money. We are going to be thinking about how money isn’t everything! In our power point we will hear about how Tim’s Mum must try and make his birthday special, without spending lots of money. Watch the power point and see if you can think of any ways you would be bale to make someone feel special without spending a lot of money.


Make a birthday card for Tim and write a kind message inside to cheer him up.


If you wanted to continue your learning on money, you could think about how to raise some money for charity. Why not plan your own mini charity event like a bake sale for your family or a sponsored walk etc?


Friday – INSET DAY


Today is an INSET day which means you would not normally be at school. So relax and have a lovely day. I’ve put some word searches in the file, just incase!