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Wb 6th July


Today we are looking at the famous picture of ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh. We will be trying to paint our own version of this picture. Can you mix your own colours?



We are working towards creating our own beach scene. We are going to paint pebbles to be the ‘people’ at our beach scene. Can you create your own beach scene ( you could use materials, paints, toys etc) and include some people in it. If you prefer you could hide your pebble for someone else to find.



We are going to be looking at things that melt! Children will make predictions over whether or not items will melt and will sort items into either ‘will melt’ or ‘will not melt’. Can you find items around your house to try this with? You could use lego, ice, toys, wax crayons and chocolate. You could even see if things melt with or without being put on a radiator.



Today we will be experimenting with ice painting. This gets messy so you might want to try it outside. Add food colours to water and then freeze them in ice cubes. Once frozen, use the ice cubes to glide across the paper and make rainbows! You could experiment with colour mixing and continue to think about melting, including what happens when something gets too cold.



Today we are doing PE with Mrs Bould. We are going to practise our throwing and kicking skills. Can you see how many times you can throw and catch a ball with someone in your family? How far can you kick the ball?