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Please recap sounds and red words again. These must be done each day (  summary-of-sounds-taught-in-ks1-for-parents.pdf ( and the red words (red-words-to-learn-over-half-term.pdf (


Then try the  'air words' phonics activity. 


In    literacy we are continuing to look at the story  of the 'Teeny Weeny Tadpole'  . Listen to the story ( The Teeny Weeny Tadpole. Childrens Books Read Aloud. Scholastic. - YouTube) . Using our 2 sentences from yesterday we are going to draw a story board with a beginning/middle and end. Make up your own story about the tadpole ( using  your sentences) and draw a picture for each part of the story. Write a sentence to describe each part of the story. See link below for writing frame. 


In   maths we are looking at doubling and halving.   Use Oak Academy and look at Lesson 3

Unit - Oak National Academy (


Complete the 'doubles boardgame' sheet below.


Topic/Afternoon work


PE - Cosmic Kids Yoga

Sonic The Hedgehog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube