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Week Beginning 15th June

  1. Science -  thinking about classification. Look at the powerpoint which introduces you to  classification.  Then look at the animal images and try and classify them into  different groups using visual characteristics. 
  2.  Art - lined to our topic on coasts, the art activity for this week is to find out about the work of artist Alfred Wallis and then to draw a shell in colour.
  3.  French - Telling the time. Use the powerpoint to start learning how to say  'in the  morning (am), in the afternoon or evening (pm). Complete the activity sheet by  selecting  the most probable answers to the questions . 
  4.  RE -  This week, we will be looking at  how different  faiths celebrate  the arrival of a new baby. Read the information sheet which compares and contrasts the  ways people of different faiths  welcome a new baby. You will then need to choose two faiths to compare and contrast their celebrations by completing a Venn sorting diagram . 
  5.  PSHE - Our topic this term is Money Matters.  This week I would like you to think about the power of brands. Is it better to choose branded items or non - branded? Your task is to  think of arguments for and arguments against brands. 


Art - Drawing shells in colour