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Week Beginning 22nd June

  1.  Science -  thinking about classification. Learn about the scientist famous for his work on taxonomy and have a go at classifying animals and plants using his system. 
  2.  Art - lined to our topic on coasts, try and paint waves in the style of the Japanese artist, Hokusai.
  3.  French - Telling the time. Use the powerpoint to start learning how to tell the time to 5 minute intervals.  Complete the activity sheet to put into practise what you have learned. 
  4.  RE -  This week, we will be looking at two different rites of passage: confirmation in the Christian Faith and the Upanayana  or Sacred Thread ceremony from the Hindu faith . 
  5.  Extended Writing Task: Complete a story called Ship Ahoy!  Plan and write a section of your story everyday using the story started and planning sheet. Why not create a front cover for your story when you have finished? 

I have also put a general knowledge quiz for you to have a go at. Why not challenge your family to take part too? There are also some great maths challenges for those of you who would like to try something a bit different - hope you enjoy  them!


Art - The Great Wave

RE - Rites of Passage

Extended Writing - Land Ahoy!