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Week Beginning 29th June


  • Become an expert in identifying trees by their leaves! Take the leaf idial sheet for a walk to hunt for trees. Look carefully at the shape of the leaves on the tree. Have a go at matching the shape of the leaves on your idial to name the trees that you find.
  • Collect some examples of leaves to do some leaf rubbings. You will need a plain sheet of paper and crayons. Lay a leaf under the paper and rub the crayon gently on top until the pattern of the leaf begins to appear. Can you name the trees from the leaves using your idial?
  • Use the super spotter sheet alongside your idial to see how many trees you can find on your walk!


Look at the powerpoint about the summer solstice to find out why we have longer days in the summer. Then  read the fact sheet about Stonehenge for more information about why this site is linked to the summer solstice. There is also a quick powerpoint quiz about Stonehenge if you want to test out your new found knowledge or why not build a paper model Stonehenge, a lego Stonehenge or have a go at making a summer sun burst? Have fun! 

SCIENCE  & ART - Butterflies

Butterfly spotting

  • Use the Big Butterfly Count chart – sit in a sunny spot for 15 minutes spotting different butterflies. How many can you spot?
  • Have a look through the butterflies and caterpillars photo pack. Look closely at the colours and patterns. Do you recognise any of the butterflies?
  • Try the balancing butterfly experiment

Butterfly art

  • Art tasks to have a go at:
  •  Butterfly origami
  • Follow the YouTube video to draw a monarchy butterfly 


Mystical music of summer

  • Read the story of Green Willow. Does Tomatada really hear someone whisper ‘Green Willow?’ Listen to the sound of the wind rustle the leaves of a tree. Could this explain what he heard?
  • Use the instruction sheet to create your own mystical wind chime using natural resources