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Week Beginning 6th July


Mini Olympics!

The summer Olympics Games should have been held in Tokyo during July and August 2020 but have now be postponed until 2021. Breadsall School will also not hold their annual sports day! However, so we can all enjoy some sport this summer, why not hold your own Mini- Olympics using equipment you can find easily at home? Challenge the whole family to take part and see who ends up a gold medal winner!


Where is Tokyo?

Every four years, The Olympic Games are held in a different country. The 2020 Games were due to be held in Tokyo. Where is Tokyo and what is it like?

  • Look at the powerpoint presentation about Tokyo 
  •  Complete a fact file about Japan using the template


Map your shadow!

Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun and today you are going to use the sun to investigate your shadow! Choose a day when the sun is going to be out for most of the day – tricky I know!

  • Watch the short BBC clip about the Sun
  • Follow the instructions on the ‘Investigating Shadows’ sheet and watch your shadow change throughout the day! Take photos and upload them onto the blog.
  • Write a few sentences to describe what you have observed happening to your shadow


Make a Japanese Fan

  • Fans are part of Japanese culture and History. They are also great for keeping you cool when it is sunny! Look at the powerpoint to find out more about Japanese fans. Why not try to make your own following theses instructions?
  • Watch the link and have a go at making a fan. You could create your own design on blank paper rather than using paper that is already patterned. Don’t forget that Emoji are Japanese so you would create a modern fan using emjoi. Which one is your favourite?


Write your own Haiku

Haiku are a special type of Japanese poem. They are very short – only 3 lines long! They have a specific number of syllables per line (5 – 7 – 5 ). Watch the link below to find out how to write a haiku.

  • Now have a go yourself! Write the haiku either about summer, Tokyo, The Olympic Games or anything else you want to. Why not write several haiku?  Use one of the borders provided below to write up the final version of your Haiku(s) or write up and illustrate your Haiku in a way that suits you.