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Year 1 maths

Watch the videos below then download the matching worksheet below and try the tasks on it to develop your skills.

Lesson 1 - Introduce weight and mass (practical activity)

Lesson 2 - Introduce weight and mass

Lesson 3 - Measure mass

Lesson 4 - Compare mass

Lesson 5 - Mass problems

Now choose the matching sheet from the video you've just watched and try the tasks on it.

Lesson 1 - Introducing mass and weight. This is a practical task, so there is no sheet. What you need to do is choose 2 objects from around the house that you can hold in your hand, then try to compare them. Which one feels heavier and which is lighter? Can you find anything that is small and heavy or something that is large and light? If you have scales at home you could check to see if your guesses were right.