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Art and the Community

Art can be hugely  beneficial for  both our own mental health  and   for  the community around us.


Taking part in a creative activity can be very relaxing, positive, stress-reducing  and fun!

Sharing our art with our friends, family or community can help us build positive    relationships,  can make others happy and can make our surrounding area more colourful and  pleasant to be in.


It can  even help others by creating something that  will make their life easier or more manageable,  or by raising money for  those in need or charities.


How has art helped you?

Has is helped you cope with Lockdown and being away from friends and family?


How can you  use your artistic talents to help others?

Have you painted a picture / written a letter / baked something for somebody else?



Class 4 mural inspired by the work of South American artist Carlos Paez Vilaro

Lexie has been selling her lovely sewing pieces to raise money for charity. Well done, Lexie!