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The school follows the Primary 2014 curriculum guidelines and requirements but delivers its curriculum via a creative and engaging thematic approach, targeting the children’s needs and interests.


The ‘Core’ Subjects


In the three core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science the primary 2014 curriculum is used as a basis for planning and assessments. Science is taught through an investigative, practical approach and ICT is used throughout the curriculum to enrich teaching and learning. In Reception and Year 1 Read, Write Inc. is used to teach phonics; the scheme is also used to boost pupils who need extra support in Year 2.


The Foundation Subjects


The foundation subjects are taught through focused termly topics linking, where possible, core subject work. Planning for these activities comes from a variety of resources to ensure that the curriculum is creative and exciting for all. The topics taught are enriched with visits, visitors and themed days.


Religious Education


Religious Education is delivered in accordance with the Derbyshire LA Agreed Syllabus using the Understanding Christianity Scheme as a basis for planning. Breadsall is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School and this means that the school has a strong Christian ethos and focus. This is reflected both in the religious education teaching and during Collective Worship. The school enjoys close links with the local church, as well as the wider Diocese.


The study of other world religions is undertaken in the school on a rotation basis to ensure that all pupils are aware of and understand the beliefs, values and practices of non-Christians.


If you require any further information relating to our School Curriculum please speak to your child's class teacher.