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Wonderful Words

Maddy  has written this fabulous poem about bluebells.

I love the line, '..I eat sunlight for my tea.'


Well done, Maddy!







A poetry slam is a   competition arts event, in which poets perform spoken word poetry before a live audience and a panel of judges. Culturally, poetry slams are a break with the past image many may have had of poetry as an elitist or rigid art form.


Year 5 and 6  took part in a poetry slam , performing their poems about different jobs they  could do in adult life.  They used powerful and descriptive adjectives and alliteration for each letter of the    alphabet. Some letters were definitely more challenging than others!


In their performance, the children  had to consider  their facial expressions, body language, intonation,  pace and also how to work collaboratively in a group.

The poems were energetic, dynamic, unique and funny!