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Be Inspired!

Life is for inspiration!


What inspires you?

What you see around you in nature? The work of an artist? A piece of music you've listened to?


Art is inspired by every aspect of the   world around us and   means different things to different people. Whether you paint, sing, sew,   write poetry, garden or  design   computer games, share your  creations with us and we'll showcase what you have achieved.


If you can tell us about your inspiration, this may, in turn, get someone else's creative juices flowing!


All art should  inspire and evoke emotion.

Art should be something

you can actually feel.


- Chris DeRubeis




Harry created this fab piece of artwork, inspired by  the artist

and youtuber Vexx. He emailed it to Vexx, who answered and

praised him on his  work.


That's amazing, Harry!


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   Daisy used the work of Uruguayan artist

    Joaquin Torres Garcia to create this piece.

   It tells us a lot about her hobbies, likes

   and  personality.

 Well done!

Jack Hall has been inspired by Star Wars


Fantastic attention to detail and great use of shading to create a 3D effect, Jack!



Brilliant work, Jack - keep it up!yes                                                                                                      

Inspired by Beatriz Milhazes

Class 4 were inspired by the work of Joaquin Torres Garcia