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Our English lessons will cover a huge range of skills. The children will various stories such A lion in the meadow (I have still have my copy from when I was a boy!), Dogger and One world. We will look at how life is presented in these books and how it has changed. Later in the year we will use seaside themed books, such as the Katie Morag stories and the Lighthouse Keeper books, as well as stories from Africa, such as the Tinga Tinga Tales and other traditional stories from around the world.


The children will learn many other different skills, such as grammar and punctuation, comprehension, handwriting and writing for different purposes.

We've recently been reading traditional folk stories from around the world , including tales from Africa to fit in with our topic of Kenya.

We've been reading The Disgusting Sandwich by Gareth Edwards. Today we made our versions, in preparation for writing some instructions next week.

Look at our disgusting sandwiches!

Today we have been practising performing poems to the rest of the class.