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House Points

Parents and pupils were asked for suggestions for team names (house names) in school. The names that were adopted are all famous families from the local area. The school has 4 teams these are:


Darwin (Green) - Erasmus Darwin was a doctor, naturalist, poet and inventor. He is the grandfather of Charles Darwin, the naturalist who wrote about evolution (how animals and plants change over time). He died at Breadsall Priory in 1802 and is buried in All Saints Church, Breadsall.


Haslam (Red) - Sir Alfred Seale Haslam was an English engineer. He was Mayor of Derby from 1890 to 1891. He owned and lived at Breadsall Priory.


Curzon (Blue) - Breadsall Priory was built by the Curzon family in the middle of the 13th Century – about 750 years ago.


Harpur-Crewe (Yellow). The original Breadsall CE Primary School at Moor Road was built in 1837 by George Crewe. The money was provided by Sir John Harpur-Crewe.


Each child belongs to one of these teams and has a merit card of the same colour on which they collect merits over the week which are counted up and put together to give a team total which is announced in our ‘Star Collective Worship’ on Thursdays (we also present certificates for individual achievement). The winning team over a term earns extra playtime or another treat. These teams are also used for inter house sports competitions throughout the year, Sports Day and on themed days when we want to mix up the classes. We try and introduce new activities all the time to strengthen the identity of the teams.